Federal Workplace Training & Expo April 8 - 10, 2015 REGISTER AGENDA

For three decades, thousands of federal HR, EEO, diversity, employee/labor relations and ADR practitioners have turned to FDR for unparalleled training and the unique opportunity to interact with government leaders and industry experts — at an unbeatable value!

The FDR Advisory Board, composed of experienced practitioners, crafts each year’s program to ensure that the topics covered are timely, relevant and address the current issues affecting agencies. Sessions span four educational tracks: Equal Employment Opportunity, HR/LR/ER, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Attorney/Legal. Attendees can focus on one track or mix and match sessions from them all — making FDR a truly customized training experience. Sessions also include Town Hall conversations, Bonus sessions, and the cyberFEDS® Users Group.

Make plans now to join FDR in San Francisco, and see why past attendees say: “FDR is by far the best annual training event for Federal employees.”

Advisory Board
Roslyn D. Brown
Ed Chase
Tim Curry
Robert Erbe
Ana Galindo-Marrone
Dan Gephart
Kelly Goode
Brionne Griffin
Jackie Hoffman

Eric Howard
Delia Johnson
Jo Linda Johnson
Kenneth Kahn
Jessica Klement
Tabitha G. Macko
Denise P. McKenney
Deborah Miron
Steve Muir
Donald Names
Jeffrey Neal
Andrew Pizzi
Debra Roth
Patricia St. Clair
Steve Sharfstein
Maxanne Witkin
Volunteer service on the FDR Advisory Board should not be construed to imply that any agency condones or endorses any employee's service in or the activities of FDR.


FDR Training Expo
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