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Equal Employment
HR/LR/ER Alternative
Dispute Resolution
Attorney/Legal cyberFEDS® Town Hall
7:30 - 8:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast
8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.

ADR-P1 The Art and Science of Working With Difficult People

Valerie Harragin, Commissioner, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Tina Marie Littleton, Commissioner, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

Every day, you encounter people whose behavior comes across as obstructive, obnoxious, stubborn or offensive. What’s the best way to deal with these encounters? Understanding the human emotional response process can lend great insight into this perplexing question. Ms. Harragin and Ms. Littleton will explain the neuroscience behind difficult behaviors and specify strategies for reframing the focus of others to reduce this kind of behavior. You’ll leave with the skills to identify the elements of human interpersonal reactions at play in a given situation and refocus an encounter that’s gone awry.

Workshop takeaways
Recognize the interpersonal dynamics that impact conflict interactions
Identify the potential root causes of difficult behavior
Develop strategies for dealing with difficult people

ATY-P2 MSPB Mock Hearing

Samantha Black, Administrative Judge, Western Region, Merit Systems Protection Board
Michael Bogdanow, Legal Liaison, Office of Regional Operations, Merit Systems Protection Board
Kelly Humphrey, Administrative Judge, Western Region, Merit Systems Protection Board
Joseph Kaplan, Managing Partner, Founding Principal, Attorney, Passman & Kaplan
Deborah Miron, Director of Regional Operations and Chief Administrative Judge, Merit Systems Protection Board
Sara Snyder, Regional Director and Chief Administrative Judge, Western Region, Merit Systems Protection Board

In this educational and realistic mock hearing, MSPB officials will provide a representation of how MSPB hearings are conducted and what you can expect. Background and evidentiary information for the scenario will be shared as handouts. You’ll witness the practical aspects of the hearing, including objections, AJ rulings, direct and cross-examination, and findings, plus gain an understanding of the roles of the parties and basic etiquette. With firsthand guidance from MSPB representatives, you’ll get a firm grasp of the process, as well as the documentation required to successfully defend an agency action before the board.

Workshop takeaways
Understand the hearing stages in the MSPB process
Ask relevant questions at the hearing
Prepare a concise and focused closing argument that emphasizes key points

BONUS-P3 What You Need to Know About FERS and Social Security

John Grobe, President, Federal Career Experts

Mr. Grobe will give you a thorough overview of the complex federal retirement system for FERS, with a special emphasis on Social Security. Whether you’re nearing retirement or have many years to go, this workshop will arm you with the knowledge needed to make critical decisions and navigate your way to a secure financial future.

Workshop takeaways
Know the eligibility requirements for FERS and Social Security
Estimate the benefits you will receive from FERS and Social Security
Determine the most advantageous strategy for claiming your Social Security

CF-P4 cyberFEDS® Users Group: Use the Broida Guides on cyberFEDS® to Make Discipline Stick

Peter Broida, Attorney, Publisher
Leslie Lake, cyber
FEDS® Editorial Director, LRP Publications
Sam Vitaro, Labor Arbitrator, Mediator, Fact-Finder, Consultant

For more than 30 years, HR professionals, employee relations specialists and agency counsel have turned to two legal references when they need guidance: Broida Guide to MSPB Law and MSPB Charges and Penalties. And cyberFEDS® is the exclusive online source for these books. Mr. Broida himself, along with Mr. Vitaro and Ms. Lake, will lead you through disciplinary actions using these two guidebooks online, while breaking down the discipline process, providing guidance on selecting charges and penalties, and sharing what you need to do to ensure the Merit Systems Protection Board upholds your actions.

EEO-P5 Creating an Inclusive Environment for Transgender Employees

Ryan Sallans, Speaker, Diversity Trainer, Author

Do you want to create a more inclusive workplace, but aren’t sure how to support transgender employees? Mr. Sallans, an experienced diversity trainer, will guide you through correct terminology, legal protections, and addressing co-workers’ concerns and questions about the transitioning employee. You’ll learn how to appropriately train other employees and managers to ensure an inclusive workplace, and create an environment that is respectful of transgender employees.

Workshop takeaways
Identify and use proper terms to describe a person’s gender identity
Know what your agency/managers should expect of co-workers when an employee is transitioning
Develop action steps for creating a more inclusive workplace for trans-identified employees
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

EEO-P6 Putting Our Best Foot Forward: A Refresher for EEO Counselors and Investigators
Annual favorite!

Oliver Allen, Founder/CEO, Training and Development Strategies LLC
Roslyn D. Brown, Strategic Human Capital and Public Policy Consultant

Mr. Allen and Ms. Brown provide an interactive and engaging way to meet the training requirements for EEO counselors and investigators, as they give you guidance on harassment, reprisal, sex and race discrimination, and updates to pertinent laws and regulations. You’ll also take a deep look at the challenging EEO issues related to religion, and more specifically Islamophobia, and gain a thorough understanding of current disability issues, including guidance on reasonable accommodations.

Workshop takeaways
Identify the bases of protection under Title VII
Know the existing protections for religion including accommodations
Develop a better understanding of Islamophobia

This session meets all standards established by the EEOC for the per annum training requirements for federal EEO counselors and investigators.

HLE-P7 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Labor Relations

Steve Muir, Former Director, Labor and Employee Relations, Office of Comptroller of the Currency
Don Rider, Professor, Human Resources Management, University of Maryland University College
Steve Sharfstein, Chief of Labor Relations, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Learn from three legends in labor relations! This full-day workshop covering the gamut of federal labor relations is a must for anyone relatively new to the field. It’s also a great opportunity for more experienced practitioners who want to improve their knowledge of labor relations to further develop their career. Our presenters will walk you through a brief history of federal labor relations, examine the latest case law, explain changes in policy and discuss the impact of the new administration.

Workshop takeaways
Know the roles of the FLRA, FMCS, arbitrators and district courts of appeal
Identify the different types of unfair labor practices
Determine what issues are negotiable
10 - 10:30 a.m. Refreshment Break
12 - 1:30 p.m. Lunch on Your Own
1:30 - 5 p.m.

ADR-P8 Enhance Your Personal Negotiation and Persuasion Skills

Andrew Pizzi, Conflict Resolution Practitioner
John Settle, President, Settlement Associates LLC

Understanding the art and science of negotiation (and persuasion) is a core competency for managers and supervisors, a necessary part of a professional skill set, and an essential life skill. Two experts in negotiation will translate theory into practical guidance that will benefit you personally and enhance your organizational role. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of handling common difficult behaviors, as well as the psychology of being persuasive.

Workshop takeaways
Identify the key elements of preparing for negotiations
Participate effectively at the bargaining table
Effectively handle impasses and adversarial approaches to negotiations

ATY-P9 EEOC Mock Hearing

Joseph Kaplan, Managing Partner, Founding Principal, Attorney, Passman & Kaplan
Dwight Lewis, Supervisory Administrative Judge, Dallas Office, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Donald J. Names, Counsel, Office of the General Counsel, Department of the Navy
Robert Woods, Assistant General Counsel (Manpower and Reserve Affairs), Department of the Navy

An EEOC hearing is somewhat similar to a trial you may see in a courthouse or on television — but there are some major differences. At an EEOC hearing, the administrative judge acts not only as the judge, but also the jury. This fast-paced workshop will lead you through the entire EEOC hearing process, including opening statements, direct and cross-examinations, objections, the introduction of evidence, closing arguments, and more. You’ll get expert guidance on each step of the process, along with practical tips to sharpen your skills and avoid mistakes.

Workshop takeaways
Know the purpose of each stage of the hearing process
Learn the key aspects of each stage and how to avoid mistakes
Use your newfound knowledge of hearings to improve your role in the EEO process

BONUS-P10 What You Need to Know About the Thrift Savings Plan

John Grobe, President, Federal Career Experts

The Thrift Savings Plan is a critical factor in determining how comfortable your retirement will be. Mr. Grobe will give a nuts-and-bolts breakdown of the long-term saving and investment plan with an emphasis on tax consequences, withdrawal options and penalties for early withdrawal. You’ll walk away with important guidance that can lead to a secure financial future.

Workshop takeaways
Know how the Thrift Savings Plan works
Identify the best withdrawal strategies
Determine how much you will need in your retirement

CF-P11 cyberFEDS® Users Group: Learn From the cyberFEDS® Expert Columnists

Robert Erbe, Attorney, Law Office of Robert P. Erbe, PLLC
Barbara Haga, ER/LR Consultant; President, Federal HR Services Inc.
Sean Hurley, cyberFEDS® Legal Editor, LRP Publications
Donald King, Co-chair, Federal EEO and Civil Rights Council
Don Rider, Professor, Human Resources Management, University of Maryland University College
Allison Uehling, cyberFEDS® EEO Special Projects Editor, LRP Publications
Moderator: Julie Davidson, cyberFEDS® Editorial Director, LRP Publications

For the first time, the Penalty Advisor, LR Observer, EEO Corner, Management Professor, EEO Observer and Leave Advisor share one stage. cyberFEDS® expert columnists will take you behind the scenes of their column-writing practices and share their opinions on the key issues they predict you will encounter during the remainder of 2017. They’ll also answer your questions, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to get critical guidance from the experts.

HLE-P12 Accountability and Engagement: The Drivers of Performance

Robin Wink, Esq., Owner/Lead Instructor, Rudman Wink Associates LLC

The Office of Personnel Management wants you and your agency to improve employee engagement. At the same time, you’re being told to hold poor performers accountable. These mandates may seem contradictory — but they’re not. Ms. Wink, a Gallup Strengths Coach, will share current leadership concepts regarding engagement and accountability, the interaction between the concepts, and the importance of accountability in creating a highly engaged workforce. You’ll learn a model for counseling employees and gain ideas for how you can encourage supervisors to become more proficient in conducting and documenting informal feedback and counseling sessions.

Workshop takeaways
Develop actionable ideas for improving workforce engagement and accountability
Apply OPM’s Performance Management Plus and know how to conduct “light-touch check-ins”
Improve your agency’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey scores
3 - 3:45 p.m. Refreshment Break
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Session Details Coming Soon!  
Session Details Coming Soon!  

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